Friday, 9 December 2011

Busy times and SAL sign ups

I've been having a busy few weeks the last few, with being back to work, sorting Christmas shopping and other festive goings on. So stitching has been on the back burner but I'm really hoping to knuckle down soon. I haven't really had time for much blog hopping but got caught back up last night and realised I'd missed you guys!! Here's my meagre progress for the last week on Starry Night.

I've been still sorting through and looking at challenges for next year and I couldn't decide what I want to stitch next, I have so many I want to do. So in blog hopping I saw Xeihua (Sara)'s post about all the SAL's she is joining and got me thinking.

So I've joined the Crazy January challenge join here starting 15 means I don't have to decide what to stitch so much as just make a start on it all.

I'd already signed up for TUSAL join here as this was the first SAL I encountered in my new web stitchy world.

I'm also going to sign up to WIPocalypse join here so that I can add the Starry Night my current WIP to the 15 and also I want to get a UFO that was never meant to be a UFO out.

I'm going to have to get organised over the next few weeks and work out a system for it all

Phew that's enough planning I need a rest and get some stitching done lol

Keep stitching...


  1. Starry night looks beautiful! I love the moment when you have a lot of stitches in and you just have to fill in a couple of holes here and there. It doesn't feel complete until all those little stitches are in!

  2. Hi Emma-

    Just confirming you're on the WIPocalypse participant list. Thanks for joining!

    Happy stitching.

  3. Starry night is looking great. I, too have joined Wipocalypse and TUSAL.

  4. Starry Night is coming along nicely, Emma.

  5. starry night is coming along nice! I've also joined the TUSAL... bit scared to join in on the WIPocalypse... don't think hubby would understand... I can only work one project at a time ;)