Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Love Tree and more

I have been a bit tardy on the blog front, which I hope to get sorted this time. I actually have plenty to show, which is pretty cool considering that the munchkins haven't been well so I haven't had much time really.
Firstly here is the new addition to the rotations. Love Tree by Bothy Threads.

I was dying to stitch this and it isn't disappointing so far.

I have to say I really love the way that Bothy Threads organise the cottons.
It makes life so much easier and not having to cross reference a key makes a bit better use of stitching time.
And so here is my first ten hours progress:

I think its going to be one to show more when the backstitch is done. But the colours are nice and it is a nice stitch so far apart from the DMC light effects for the tree branches. grrrrrrr....

I finished the last of the patchwork cards.

So that's all four in the set finished. I feel like I am doing well chalking up the finishes this year. It is really exciting to feel this productive.
I also finished off this bird: 

 It was a UFO but I have finished it off chalking it up as another finish!!!


Thimble Fairy found her place on the wall and I am really enjoying seeing her every day. I think she is one of my favourite finishes in a while.
I also had the most proudest mama moment. When my eldest (just coming up 3) Jumped on my lap one evening, stole my stitching and carried on.

So cute I could cry!!! Ok he didn't have it right but he had the technique. And here is our finished collaboration of the flower brooches.

He also announced that he wanted a Lion. So I had a rummage for him in my stash and found and stitched a lion for him. He is over the moon. Really touching to have someone that excited for a finished piece, he was literally hopping round the room squealing Vinnie's Lion!!!!

The pic on left shows however the perils of stitching on the bathroom floor while the munchkins splash in the bath. But hey any minute is any minute right!
I have had a go with the construction on the first of the gingerbread houses.

I really like it but boy was the putting together tricky and it looks a lot shabbier and wonky in real life than it does in the pics. I am tempted to take it apart and try again. Although as my grandma always said (and a good friend reminded me) its flaws give it character. So I'm going to let it sit while I stitch the other one up and see if I get any better techniques going I might have an adjust on this one and maybe some distance will give me a better feeling for it.
Keep stitching...



  1. All great pic, but I ADORE the ones of your son's hands stitching. Thanks for sharing that special moment, Emma!! :D

  2. Great post and wonderful stitching Emma.


  3. Loved your post, what fun with your son, I have a 3yr old grandson, but he just plays with cars.