Monday, 24 February 2014

IHSW Update

So here it is my first IHSW. I was scared off stitch alongs since I took part in crazy Jan 2012. I'm still dealing with the fall out of that :/
But trying to fit in as much stitching time as you can has to be a good thing right?

Mind it has been anything but sore bum weekend for me, squeezing stitches in when I can and look Joysze look what's happened, munchkins running riot!!!!

Lol only joking this they managed in a minute. I snatch my stitching moments when I can anyways, so I thought I'd show the variety of situations in which I stitch.
Like I said anything but sore bum. I carried on with my usual rotation on an evening and the mini during the snatched minutes.

I had this mini already started
It's now finished.

It took more stitching than you'd think. But worth the effort and I love the colours.

I also was most of the way into the rotation on gingerbread houses. Here is where I was up to 

And after this weekend

I do love the stitching on these just hope I can get the construction figured out.

I started a new mini and this is as far as I got this weekend.

I moved onto Spirit of the Season for it's next rotation. Over the weekend it has gone from this:

To this:
Not a huge amount but progress. I will be continuing for its full ten hours.
In addition to all this stitching my order arrived of my stuff for Valentine's Day from the hubby.
My favourite has to be the needle minder.
Why have I not had one of these in my life before? It's amazing I love it, no more needle lost in the edge of my fabric, or precarious placed between my teeth.
And to top the weekend off I found this

It's a piece of my Grandma's stitching and I found it in a luggage label on her trolley that I have inherited. She put it there so she knew that was her trolley but it made me smile to find some stitching in a random place.

Keep Stitching...


  1. Lovely bookmark finishes and your wips look great.
    Nice stash from a kind hubby!
    How lovely to have a bit of your Grandma's stitching (:

  2. Awesome update and stitching. How wonderful to find some stitching that your Grandmother did.


  3. Gorgeous stitching in those stolen moments.