Saturday, 30 November 2013

Starry Blight

So excited to show you all this. I now have a sewing corner, so welcome to XXXStitching HQ

I'm over the moon. I got thinking seen as the cot has been gone from there for a few months that the space could have been better used and well who needs a bedside cabinet anyways lol

It means now I don't need everyone out to have the sewing machine out as it has a table. I do keep it in the bag still at the moment in case of naughty fingers and the pincushions and scissors have a high shelf but easy to hand still. I think it's just more inspiring to have some bits out to look at every day, with the little ones I have to be careful to pack most stuff away.

It's certainly starting to feel more festive the last few days.
Especially thanks to seeing the lights switched on at the green last night.

We also made handprint angels at playgroup.

Kind of quite excited to look at getting the decorations out soon.

Now I've been back on with Starry Night. But I have struggled this rotation. I'm not sure if it's the fact it has been stashed for so long or if its the confetti.

Here us where it was

And now:

Most of the left is filled in now. It has felt like a slog and I have wanted to start on more of the design than just finishing the page. But as hubby put it I'd just have more confetti to do at the end. I have struggled to get a rhythm going, I think matching the gaps with the chart after such a break hasn't done me any favours. Hopefully next rotation on this I can finish the page and then it will be like starting fresh to do the next one.

I also finished this mini stitch

Keep stitching...

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  1. Love your sewing corner. And great progress on your stitching.