Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Crazy January 2012 Hangover 100th post!!!

Since finishing Joan Elliot's Madonna I have been having a bit of a sort and tidy.

I finished my memory angel

And I started this:

This will be for my Christmas memory angel to hold but I didn't have enough of the green on the bobbin. The perils of a project that uses three strands.

So it's on hold for now along with Thimble Fairy until I sort out ordering supplies. But with Christmas coming and wanting to get the monies worth on the postage I'm just collecting a list together to make an order.

I have then had a look at my rotation list and have got this:

1. In arms of An Angel- continuation
2. Starry Night - that I have had stashed for a while now, I think it got put aside for Crazy January 2012
3. Christmas Houses - I don't think that there is too much to finish on these but I didn't open the packet so we'll see when I get there.
4. Gingerbread houses - I started these when I did crazy January 2012. I am really excited to see what the 3D cross stitch turns out like.
5. Tapestry Cat - I am determined that this time it will get finished. I'm going to have to work out probably to fluff the mistake (check the labels to find the previous posts on this) I just don't think after all the time that the mistake has been there and how much frogging it would take to remove. I don't think I can feasibly do it without destroying it.

I normally stick to four in the rotation but the houses aren't massive projects so I think that it is workable.

I still can't believe I'm still catching up with the fall out of Crazy January 2012 it wasn't a good option in many ways.

To recap I joined a SAL which in January 2012 which was to start a new project every day for the first 15 days of Jan. Then spend the year trying to finish them off. In all fairness this is what sparked the move from being a one at a timer to doing a rotation which has been a fantastic introduction to my stitching experience. But let's have a look at my Crazy 15.

1. Little Fairy - finished 2012
2. Royal Guard - finished 2012
3. Gift Tags - finished 2012

4. Winnie the Pooh - finished 2012
5. World of Sarah Kay - finished 2013
6. Middle Earth (1page) - hmmm
7. Felt Baubles - abandoned due to all the pieces of aida in the free kit had been cut skew
8. Christmas Tags - finished 2012
9. Christmas Ornies - no progress
10. Gingerbread Houses - no progress but in rotation now
11. Madonna and Child - finished 2013
12. Kingfisher - no prgress
13.Flaming June (1page) - no progress
14.Reindeer Cake band - no progress
15.Christmas Angel (1page) - no progress
So that's 7 finished, one abandoned, one in current rotation and 6 none movers.
Getting there I suppose and I have done other projects that have crept into my box over the course of the time. Maybe another year and I can have the crazy January hangover put to rest.
Keep stitching...


  1. Love your memory angel and your new start is pretty. I look forward to seeing your work on your new rotation. I have never done the Crazy Jan Challenge because I know I would get myself into trouble :) Next year my plan is to try and get back to being close to a one at a time stitcher because I have lots of WIP's and I want them finished!

    1. Thanks. I know right pickle from crazy jan. I think the list was too ambitious and I have got distracted with baby samplers etc. Oh and I went from one toddler to two in this time lol. The rotation though was a good outcome of crazy jan. I don't like having all these projects started lying around.