Saturday, 16 November 2013

Mother of all finishes

I've done it!!!!!!
Joan Elliot Madonna and child are finished. It took an absolute mile of backstitch and tons of French knots and plenty of beading to finish. So just in need of a bit of a wash from the coffee staining which I'm so glad and lucky that it has come up a treat.

I can't wait to see her hung next to Father Christmas. I'll post when I get them together, but he's with the Christmas decs so won't be coming for a little while.
It was my father's birthday recently, the boys and I had fun making our own wrapping paper. It's turned out great. I think they will be on gift wrapping duty for Christmas.
 One of his gifts was this book mark.
I had finished it a little while ago but I have had to wait for posting the picture until now.
I finally got the finishing touches to the first two memory angels, made with Grandma's clothes and stashed bots and bobs.

They have now flown off to their new homes. I just need a few finishing touches to mine and I can start all over again as I have orders coming in for more.
So with all these finishes I have tidied my work box up and I'm sorting out my stash for new pieces to come into rotation.


Keep stitching...


  1. Stunning finish! The kids done a great job on the wrapping paper:)

  2. Congrats on your finish. It is beautiful!

  3. Oh wow, congrats on your finish, she looks wonderful! I bet you were glad to get to the end of the backstitching though!