Thursday, 3 October 2013

Angel face, In arms of an Angel update

Last Sunday we had a family walk along to a car boot sale, it was a decent hike but a gorgeous day for it. We passed some houses on the sea front , this one was up for sale ( out of our league) and as we always do hubby and I started a good daydream natter about what we'd do if it was ours etc obviously a craft room comes up.
One of the things we agreed we loved was the turret room on the front there. Now as we walk further hubby says oh that one has a craft room. Same type house and you could see a sewing machine and baskets on shelves organising stash I imagine Cue sad sulky face all the way home. 

I want a craft turret.

Anyhow I've finished a rotation on In the arms of an Angel


And now:

Oh my she has a face. One over one for the face and baby was a bit hard work but after getting a sharper needle and an hour in I got the rhythm. Especially made tricky as some of the tones are very similar to the fabric.

Totally worth it though. Can't wait to get back round to stitch on this again.

I had a right craft twitch the other day, but I don't drive and have any close craft shops. I did however find some marabou trim for the Christmas memory Angel, which gave me a little fix.

I normally use Sew and so for my craft supplies online but not seeming that they are as good prices before. Anyone got any recommendations?

I am fairly addicted to mini kits at the moment. Nice to fit a couple stitches in here and there on them and watch them quickly grow. So another finish poppy a free kit from world of cross stitching magazine.

So all in all a nice eventful stitching week.

Keep stitching....

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