Sunday, 13 October 2013

Double update Motherly Devotion and Thimble Fairy

Firstly I thought I'd ask you all if you have any recommendations of online stores for supplies. I normally use Sew and so but I'm wondering if I'm missing any better places for stashing?

I was saddened to hear the news of Cathey's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with her family especially little Junior.

Double update on Motherly Devotion and Thimble Fairy:

Motherly Devotion as it was:

And Now:
So close to being finished all the cross's giving me goosebumps. Don't you just love that feeling of nearing the finish of a massive project. It's certainly a thrill for me. I think that the back stitch will take a bit of time too. Looking good for being finished before Christmas. She'll look great with my Joan Elliot Father Christmas. There's only the dove on the right to finish and another dove at the top and the halos.

I have also finished as far as I can on thimble fairy until I sort out getting some more Kreinik thread to finish the thimble and add the needles on.

Here it was before:

And now:

It's hard at the moment to concentrate on keeping to the rotations at the moment with all these looking so close to finishing. But it is such a thrill at the same time to get back round to them wondering if this will be the time it comes together.
 Hubby has been organising the loft, mainly because its his man cave. However it means I now have an area for my stash that I don't have space for under the bed etc. He's even cleared a bookcase for me so I now have all my magazines and books organised. Hopefully should make finding things a bit easier.
I have made some more progress on the memory angels and they are now dressed tidied and have wings. Next job faces and hair and then they will just need a few embellishments to finish them off.
My folks came to visit and dropped of some more from Grandma's stash as they get through sorting things.

A lovely tin full of fabric. I can't wait to think of some lovely things to stitch. Probably some more cards and mini's they were grandma's favourite things to stitch and I've been enjoying getting some cards and little finishes sneaked in little spaces of time.

Keep stitching...


  1. You have been busy. I usually order off Great stitching:)

  2. I love cross stitch heaven
    the customer service is fantastic

    1. Cheers I'll have a look. Great to get recommendations to go off.

  3. Wonderful progress on both pieces Emma.