Monday, 16 July 2012

Twas the night before...

After having a slow few weeks recently on the stitching front things are looking up. I have completed the X stitch panels for a Christmas bauble for my new arrival. And I haven’t even took the 10 hours to do it from start to finish.

Ok so they are mostly back stitch verse which whizzes up, but I am very pleased none the less and really feel like I’ve got my stitchy vibes back. I initially was going to just do one of the verse but after looking it was only half the line in the first round so I decided to go with the full quote over the 2 sides. The night before Christmas has to be one of my favourites I love to read it every year and even more so to read it to my son this Christmas gone.

I love the candle stick as well I think it fits with the verse very nicely. I just need to make the bauble up and stitch baby’s name and 2012 onto the fourth circle but I’m not going to do that until a bit closer to Christmas to get myself in the Christmas spirit, and means I can just hang it straight up!! I can’t wait to see the 2 baubles together. The other thing is that I am in the zone with making x’s so I don’t want to break that by getting on with different crafting.
I have already made a little start on the next project in rotation so I’m hoping that this continues and I can get a bit more back on track.
Such a happy bunny to feel like I’m making progress on stuff, even if it wasn’t to tick anything off my Crazy January list that is still haunting me lol.
Having said that I have just had a tot up and I have 5 completed and 3 are moved into current rotation so maybe not as bad as I think? What do you all think? I’m pretty sure I’ll not be doing similar this January though no no no lesson learnt ha ha.

Keep stitching....

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