Thursday, 26 July 2012

May Day! May Day! Disaster help

 Well it's a roller coaster of an update - rotation finish and a horror of a stitching nightmare.

I'll start with the rotation finish I've done my 10 hours on the Sarah Kay kit from my crazy January. Here's where I was up to at the end of its day in Jan:

And now:

Looking good. Its stitching up nicely and the chart is lovely and bright easy to follow which is making it an easy stitch.

Then it all went horribly wrong.....

I went to switch my projects to do next rotation. I lifted out the next project and spied this mess....

 I peered in with sheer horror and realisation that this is my motherly devotion bag. And it's covered in coffee and not just that mouldy coffee!!!!

I could have been sick right there.


I remembered that weeks ago hubby was with my tot in the bedroom where my sewing box is out of the way - or so I thought. I came through to find the little one with a cup of coffee splooshing about. I never even noticed he wasn't near the box at the time. So hadn't thought anything of it until my terrible discovery this evening.
I have given it a bit of a steeping with washing up liquid and it seems to be coming up slowly. luckily the stitching seems to have escaped the worst. Not so sure about the threads but we'll have to see. It's DMC so usually comes up but think this is my worse case ever. Even more so for the length of time it must have sat...would have come up sooner but I had no idea it had been covered.

So any tips you all have on stain removal would be greatly received.

Think I'll be shopping tomorrow for a new sewing basket.....preferably a waterproof, bullet proof one with a lid the works lol

Keep stitching...


  1. A book I have sais: On washable fabrics run under cold running water then sponge with a cloth dipped in a borax and water solutionam. Leave for an hour. Wash as usual.

    I really hope it or something helps. Your work is so beautiful that it would be a shame.

  2. What a terrible nightmare!!
    I hope that when you have wash it, it dissapears.
    And yes!
    Buy a big safe for your work!