Thursday, 2 August 2012

Brilliant Bargains and Fustrating Freebies

Well where do I start.... I've had another busy week with the tot and feeling rather slow and heavy now. I can't believe that I'm now classed as full term and that baby is due to make an appearance soon - 29th August I'm due. It's gone super fast. My best friend also adopted this week and has a beautiful 9 month old baby girl - I'm smitten already!!

Firstly Motherly Devotion is recovering well from its coffee staining. I need to give another soaking and look at the threads but I think it's getting there

Before:                                                        After:

I have since been out to get some new boxes for my stitching to protect it from these kind of mishaps and to my good luck found a load of boxes in my local cheap department shop on sale.

These are going to be my current box which previously was a bag behind the sofa. The only thing is the snap frame doesn't fit but I think I'll just take the fabric off the frame when I'm not stitching for piece of mind. The big one was only a pound and the little box which will stop my bits and bobs heading to the bottom was 20p!!!! Bargain of the century!
Here it is in working order it nicely nestles on the back of the sofa next to me for easy access while stitching!

 I also got these draw boxes for the bedroom and these have my projects currently in rotation in. And guess what they were only a pound each too!! I did get quite few of those little 20p boxes too as for that price it was rude not too. I'm sure I can find things that need organising into them.

So all in all a successful mission and I'm one organised and happy bunny.

I did make a start on the free Christmas baubles from my crazy Jan pile. However I'm thinking that this might be an abandoned project.

Here's where it was in Jan:
However the piece of fabric supplied is very tight and this one goes too close to the edge and there is more rows beyond the red on the bottom side. When I picked this up again I started a different one as there are 3 in the kit.
This one also goes far too close to the edges. Normally you get a bit of breathing room with pre cut fabric and considering this is then supposed to get stitched into a felt round it's just not working out at all.
So I have abandoned it. After all it's only a free kit from the magazine. I do wonder if they have cut the fabric wrong.

I have made a start on my next rotation so watch this space. I'm hoping to snatch a few more minutes in front of the Olympics!!

Keep stitching....


  1. oh I understand your frustration with the freebies... I've stitched several and most of the time, I don't have enough floss to complete the stitching or the fabric piece is cut crooked and I don't have enough fabric to mount the piece... I understand these mags need to cut costs but is that extra centimeter going to make that big a difference?
    Glad to see the coffee is vanishing from your project... it would be a shame to throw it away!

  2. I am happy to hear that your motherly devotion can be safed!

  3. Hi,

    I have just discovered your blog. Motherly devotion has come up brilliantly compared to what it was. That's really lucky!

    Cover kits used to be really good but these days they seem to makes them up pretty poorly. I have stopped doing them now.