Friday, 16 August 2013

fluttering fairies

Kinda wish I was posting a finish, at least it seemed like everyone else is posting finishes the last few days. Jealous but can only finish when I finish.

I've been working on the thimble fairy this week.


And now:

She's certainly looking beautiful. I've mostly filled in the white of the dress. 

My playgroup had an outing for the toddlers and we went to a farm. They got to feed the baas, as Vincent says, held bunnies, had a tractor ride as well as seeing the animals. But really the highlight for my boys and my niece...the play park and sand pit lol

I also added this to my stash. I found it in t k max, they had a handful a few years back and I've been hopefully checking ever since. I was lucky as it was under a pile of stuff but I beady eye spotted the DMC logo at the bottom peeking out. It's not every day I find stitching stuff out and about.

 Keep stitching...

1 comment:

  1. Such a sweet outing :)

    Finding that chart was meant to be! Loving your fairy progress hehe