Thursday, 21 February 2013

A stitch in time is now mine

I've inherited a treasure trove!
My hubby's Groma has gone into a home recently, at 95 she needs the extra care they can provide. So in clearing out her rooms at the in laws, I got given the sewing box of course. With it hasn't been touched in years so they had no idea what was in it. It's took me an evening to go through it and I thought I share with you guys the stash I've found.

There are threads, needles, chalk, scissors, tape measures, needle cases, zips, fasteners, random old coins, screws and crochet hooks.
I have to say I'm hugely giddy about the massive button and buckle collection that I have found. The pile is just massive!
I collect up any old buttons lying about but I guess this is what it looks like after decades of collecting them up.
I had seen some button jewellery and thought it looked fun to make but lacking the buttons to do it, I've never had a go......until now!!
Here's a closer look at some of the other bits and bobs.
Quite a collection of crochet hooks. I've done a bit but not much. Groma used to do loads my hubby tells me it was her main craft.
And just check out these old needle and fastener packets!

Quite a groovy collection of needle cases.

This last one reminds me of the stuff I used to stitch with my Grandma when I was starting out when I was just a little girl, before I graduated onto Aida, even weave and linen.
And finally this gorgeous tape measure, which when I showed my hubby he said that he remembers this from being really young and getting told not to play with it.
So all in all I'm thrilled with integrating Groma's stash into my own.
 I wonder what will happen to my stash in the distant future.
Keep stitching....


  1. wow, you are very lucky, enjoy, every body should have a large stash of buttons

  2. What a haul!! Congrats! And a great box to put it all in!

  3. What a great treasure trove Emma. How very lucky for you.


  4. I'm glad to see that someone passed it on instead of just chucking it out. Looks like a lot of great things including the sewing box.