Saturday, 20 July 2013

Thimble Fairy flying along

Can't believe how beautiful the weather has been for this long, a proper summer!!!

Plenty of trips to the park, playing in the paddling pool and running round the house in just nappies for my little mischiefs.

I've also managed to get some stitching done in the daylight while hubby has watched the boys.

I've finished the rotation on the thimble fairy. The other night the fractionals fractionation the arms had me in a spin. I think I had to recount and restart about five times. I do have a cold so think the stuffy head wasn't helping I'm not normally too bad with the fractions but just couldn't get into the zone with them.


And now:

Recently I've been working on my designs section by section, finishing an area before moving on. This one I've gone old school back to how I used to. I always tried to stitch the colours that covered the greatest expanse first to get the skeleton of the design in. I think I couldn't wait with this one to get an overall impression of it...and its far from a disappointment. It's just beautiful, delicate and the hand dyed colours are amazing, well worth deviating from my normal prefer DMC.

I'm off to get Sarah Kay out for the rotation on that. And probably see what else I can get some work done on.

Keep stitching...


  1. Fantastic progress. I'm missing summer so much:)

  2. Wonderful progress. What a pretty design.