Saturday, 20 April 2013

Progress, Pad and Parcel!!!

It's been a while but I've got a good amount of progress and some swag to show you too.
Firstly I was rather excited to see this notepad
It's from Sainsbury's they have a whole range of vintage stitchy inspired stationery in stock at the moment. It's a little bit on the pricey side for what it is but its so pretty and this notepad is fabric covered that I couldn't resist.
I've been making strides on the baby hearts sampler and I nearly completed on the X stitch now!!!
And et voila:
 Super happy!!
I even got to do some stitching in the daylight last Sunday as hubby watched the munchkins for a little bit so I snook off to the bedroom to get some stitches in. I forgot how lovely the real light is for stitching...its been a while.
I've also finally got some stuff from Red gate stitchery on Esty for my (~ahem 30th~) birthday which was last week. They've been on my wish list since I saw them in Cross stitcher magazine in February. I just collected it today as coming from America it was subject to a Royal Mail ransom note (customs and handling boo) but they had warned me of this before sending which was good of them. I couldn't wait to open it so here it is out in the coffee shop. So very happy and can't wait to get stitching.

 I have got other stuff I fancy spending my birthday money on but have yet to finalise the stash enhancements lol. The kids are in bed asleep for now so I've got my stuff spread out and going to settle down to some more stitches.

 Keep stitching.....


  1. Great stash Emma. The baby sample is gorgeous. I love the colors in it.


    1. Thanks yeah colours amazing bit different to usual baby stuff

  2. Awesome progress. It is a bit of a novelty to stitch in the daylight with little ones hey!

    1. Thanks daylight was amazing I'd almost forgotten what it was like.

  3. Does the baby sampler come as a kit? I wonder if it could be stitched on canvas for a sort of hanging mobile look. Love those colours!!

    1. Yeah it's a kit cinnamon cat designs baby hearts anchor #k703 is the details. Interesting idea for finishing. The colours are great bit different to the usual baby pastel types