Sunday, 20 January 2013

Squeezing Stitches

I have to say I love stitching so much, it keeps me sane and balanced. There' s nothing more serene than the glide of the needle and thread through the fabric, picture slowly emerging and losing oneself in the counting. Most people (non stitchers) when they see my work say "I' d never have the patience" I think I need to stitch to have patience. I have been making a huge effort to fit in some stitching this last few week. I decided to go with getting back on the rotation too and with the new year I've made a new start...not that I needed another WIP. It's Lavender & Lace In the arms of an Angel.

And after squeezing in not quite my ten hours here' s my progress. Not too shabby and this is just squeezing sometimes 15 mins a day but it slowly mounts up and I' d love for a longer stretch but you take what you can get with little ones lol

It' s a good portion of the red section of the dress. 

And I' m doing a happy dance at my progress.

Keep Stitching...


  1. It all counts and like you said it is hard when you have little ones. It is looking very nice:)

  2. Great progress! I don't have little ones around all the time (grandkids sometimes) and I struggle to get time in to stitch.
    Happy Stitching

  3. Great new start Emma and you've gotten alot done.


  4. Beautiful start! I love this pattern.

  5. Great start. Love the colors.