Sunday, 27 January 2013

Progression at last

Well I've done it I've finished my 10 hour rotation on In the Arms of an Angel.
Here it is as it was last week when I updated you...

And following this weeks efforts...
Not too shabby as I sit back and see the progress. And one day I managed to get a whole 2 hours straight!!! BLISS! PURE BLISS!
I have however to recreate the exact conditions that enabled me to get these 2 hours lol but I'm working on it. I'm at least hoping this is it for getting the stitching wagon going.
I'm off to make a start on the next rotation piece and yup its a new one...I know like I need anything new but I couldn't resist. I'll leave it for a surprise when I update. I'll also work on getting a page for my current WIP's so we can keep a handle on what I have stitches on.
Keep stitching....


  1. It is looking very nice. Lucky you with two straight hours!

  2. You made great progress Emma. Pretty colors.


  3. That's alot of progress for two hours! It's looking great.