Sunday, 25 November 2012

Starry eyed

I'm seeing stars at the moment I've continued with the border on the baby afghan. I had ran out of the blue but continued with thought of going back round after.

I remembered last time I was out and picked up some of the blue, but you can never just buy one thread!
So I came home with some trim for the bauble I need to finish and some lovely wired Christmas ribbon that was so cheap it begged to come home!

I've only got 3 more squares to do once the stars are finished.

I have to say I have been missing my rotation so I'm going to get back onto that once the blanket is finished. I think it's been all those stars have given me a craving for variety. I'll have to dig out something festive. Hoping to pick up a bit of pace again now baby Henry is 3months old now, doesn't time fly and is starting to settle better on an evening, so watch this space.

Safe to say however I will be nowhere near completing my crazy Jan projects but it was fun and gave me the push to try rotating projects which has been well worth it. Can't believe this time last year I was a one at a timer!

Keep stitching...


  1. It is looking lovely. Where did that 3 months go?

  2. Its nice that you can start getting a bit more stitching time. I used to sit back on the couch and have my daughter against my chest when she battled to sleep well. I never got stitching done, but I did get reading and pc games! That was 8 years ago. Time does go by fast.

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