Thursday, 9 February 2012

News and stitching to follow I promise

Well I've been a bit quiet on the sewing front but I have not really had much time or energy.

Mostly due to finding out I was expecting my second baby and the tiredness hit. I found it was a pain last time. No amount of extra sleep could cure it but I try.

Oh and Vincent, Baby number 1 has finally sprouted teeth 2 at once no wonder there was lots of fussing.

But I'm finished for half term and the hubby has some time off to help. So between catching up with a few friends, planning a first birthday party for next month, going to see Star Wars in 3D ....mmmmmm Ewan Mcgregor in 3D think I'll die!!! and a few other bits I'm plonking my bum on the sofa with needle in hand.

So watch this space.

Keep stitching.....


  1. Congratulations on expecting your second child! :)

    Enjoy your cross stitching :)