Thursday, 17 April 2014

bumper update!

Right this is going to be a bumper update. I seem to have been lacking and a naughty blogger. I hope you will forgive me. I have limited time and every time I sit down it has been stitch or blog? So I am sure you will forgive my dilemma.

I wish the app on the phone worked better for blogger that would make things a lot easier!!!

I will try and bring you up to speed with everything. Before this months IHSW be sure to click on the crab to join.

I joined another SAL. I know I know! After crazy Jan 2012 I swore no more and this year so far I have joined 2. IHSW but then that is all about squeezing extra stitches in which is what I am all about any way. And the second is the Joan Elliot one. I love her designs and was really tempted with this one but had held off. Then my three year old started peeking at my stitching and saying mammy I want a Dragon. So how could I resist any longer. So here is the first piece a dragon as requested my munchkin 1.

I changed the odd colour from the chart to what I had in my stash. I now have the Unicorn to do.

I got these bits for Mother's day from the munchkins

And seen as I now have birthday money to spend I have been looking at kitting up the Angel along with a couple other charts I have.

Now I have done a few rotations but I think maybe blogging after each move is too taxing. So I have a few progress pics to show.

Here is my progress on Spirit of the Season

I have to say I am loving getting there with this one.

I have also made some more progress on Starry Night
I am still struggling with this one. It is going to be my labour of love I think. It looks amazing and will be great when finished but boy what a pain to stitch.

This is the progress from my new addition to the rotation Kingfisher in flight. This is from the Crazy Jan 2012 pile.

Here it is as I picked it up from its crazy start
And now:

Love the colours and its a nice stitch once I got past that the 34 cm square design is over 6 pages. I was a bit fuddled to start even though I have already completed the hummingbird in this set. I have settled into it once I decided to stick to a page at a time.

I will give you all a sneaky peek at my Love tree. It's onto the backstitching.

How much difference does the backstitching give to this design!!

Hopefully I won't leave it as long to update you all. In my defence this year I have already matched my total finishes from last year. I think adding the mini kits during the day has made a huge difference. That and my munchkins are getting bigger. Last year I had a total of 19 cross stitch finishes, 3 of which were large/medium (Birth sampler, World of sarah kay and Motherly Devotion)

This year it's only April and I have finished 20 cross stitch pieces of which 3 are large/ medium (Thimble Fairy, Gingerbread houses and In the Arms of an angel)

I think also it is proof that my rotation is paying off. I'm starting to see the results now!!!!!

Keep stitching


  1. Wow absolutely amazing update. What lovely gifts for Mammy's Day. Your Dragon looks beautiful. 20 finishes already this year is fantastic!! Your needles must be on fire.

  2. Congrats on the cute dragon finish Emma. Wonderful progress on all your other projects.


  3. Great update, Emma! Beautiful stitching on all your projects. Your dragon finish is lovely with all the sparkly thread, and the backstitching on your Love Tree really does make all those gorgeous colors pop!

  4. Everything is looking awesome:)

  5. Great progress on everything, especially the Kingfisher. So cool to see the Love Tree coming alive with the backstitch! :) I`m about to start on the Starry Night too! this will be my first HAED, where`s your chart from? I think `labour of love` will be true in my case too - I`ve been dragging my feet for weeks now, even after getting fabby, threads, everything ready, I still can`t seem to find the courage to make that first stitch, lol! Happy Easter and keep on stitching!

  6. Great progress and glad that your rotation is working well for you. xx

  7. Fabulous stitching, with great progress... If you've already finished 20 pieces, I'm very impressed indeed - now I feel terribly lazy!

  8. That dragon is stunning, and I am so envious of your stitchy presents!

  9. The love tree is amazing, on my wishlist as well!

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