Tuesday, 18 September 2012

stash finds

I have been managing to get the odd stitch in which is nice. We're still getting to grips with being a family of four and juggling 2 small children but its great fun. Although the last couple of days we have had an outbreak of man flu - unfortunately having a house full of men it has hit us hard lol.
A few days ago we had a walk out and my hubby went into a few of the charity shops (as he does all the time to find trash ~ urm I mean treasure) He then came out to say I should go in and look as there was 'some cross stitch stuff' So this time it really was treasure I found a Lavender and Lace Santa chart unopened for £3
 And a Heritage Classics Lancaster bomber. I wasn't sure if it had been opened as I could see some masking tape but it looked like the threads and everything was in the pack so again for £3.50 it was worth the risk.
 When I got it home it only has masking round the edges and the centre marked with tacking stitches.
So is a complete kit. pretty good little haul huh?

Keep stitching.....


  1. That is definately a good haul. I would of felt elated at such a find. Nice of your hubby to support your "interests".

  2. Man flu. ROFLMAO!!!!!! Well, I hope the men are feeling better. ;)

    Ooooh, nice finds!!!