Tuesday, 30 October 2012

On the door mat

Hearing a thud on the door mat always gives me a thrill as it usually heralds the arrival of one of my cross stitch magazine subs.
I can't wait to thumb through cooing I'm gonna stitch that and that and that!! I have a huge stack of back issues all with things just waiting to be rediscovered - oh yes I was going to stitch that wasn't I.
I think the best thing about them arriving is not the new additions to my to do list but the renewed vigour that it gives me for getting on with some serious stitching. I think its the thought of more to do that makes me think right best get cracking on.
I do tend to go through them whenever I get the 'I must stitch a card or something for X' bug or like my current project I knew I wanted to do an afghan and just going through the pile of magazines found the perfect designs for it.
 I know I'll always be daydreaming and stash increasing through reading them but I really wouldn't change having them thump through the door only to end up in the pile with the rest of them next month.
I haven't any progress to show its not very impressive - more like 10 stitches than 10 hours. Seems when one cherub is sleeping the other is fussing lol
I did find a little time to do my yearly pumpkin carving with a bit of hubby help so he's my vehicle pumpkins for my two boys!!! Just gotta find time to make the pies now.
Happy Halloween!

Keep stitching

Friday, 19 October 2012

Twinkle Twinkle

I'm still pluuging away at getting stitches in when I can.

I have finished another square albeit a small one....

I'm putting these all around the edge it has added fairly quickly so is nice to feel like I'm making more progress.
As requested by joysze here's the full afghan as I'm upto now

Starting to look good. I think I'm going to do a few more of the stars before moving onto more of the pictures.
Hubby also found me another item for my stash from the charity shop
Its another one untouched and a lovely geisha which is always a nice stitch.
Keep stitching....

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Over the moon

Hi all

I know it's been a while...things are still bit hectic here but I'm getting there.

While things are getting easier with managing my 2 beautiful little boys, this bout of man flu has been a huge challenge. A newborn with a cold and a cough is no fun at all despite the doctor's reassurance. The poor fella has had a cold longer than not now in his 5 weeks. So when things should be settling into a pattern we aren't seeing the benefit due to fussing from his cold.

I am however through sheer determination and overtired eyes managing to get a few stitches in at a time. And slowly but surely here's the next square on the baby afghan....

I'm over the moon to have got this done mainly for my own sanity, it's the one thing I would say I wish I could have a little bit more me time for. I really don't mind spending most my time singing nursery rhymes and going to playgroups if only I can squeeze some stitching in.

Although I have to say I'm getting quite into playing with the wooden train set at the moment.

I'm not sure what me and the hubby are going to do when the boys are capable of putting the tracks together themselves ha ha!!!!

Here's to find a few more stitches....

Keep stitching