Thursday, 26 July 2012

May Day! May Day! Disaster help

 Well it's a roller coaster of an update - rotation finish and a horror of a stitching nightmare.

I'll start with the rotation finish I've done my 10 hours on the Sarah Kay kit from my crazy January. Here's where I was up to at the end of its day in Jan:

And now:

Looking good. Its stitching up nicely and the chart is lovely and bright easy to follow which is making it an easy stitch.

Then it all went horribly wrong.....

I went to switch my projects to do next rotation. I lifted out the next project and spied this mess....

 I peered in with sheer horror and realisation that this is my motherly devotion bag. And it's covered in coffee and not just that mouldy coffee!!!!

I could have been sick right there.


I remembered that weeks ago hubby was with my tot in the bedroom where my sewing box is out of the way - or so I thought. I came through to find the little one with a cup of coffee splooshing about. I never even noticed he wasn't near the box at the time. So hadn't thought anything of it until my terrible discovery this evening.
I have given it a bit of a steeping with washing up liquid and it seems to be coming up slowly. luckily the stitching seems to have escaped the worst. Not so sure about the threads but we'll have to see. It's DMC so usually comes up but think this is my worse case ever. Even more so for the length of time it must have sat...would have come up sooner but I had no idea it had been covered.

So any tips you all have on stain removal would be greatly received.

Think I'll be shopping tomorrow for a new sewing basket.....preferably a waterproof, bullet proof one with a lid the works lol

Keep stitching...

Monday, 16 July 2012

Twas the night before...

After having a slow few weeks recently on the stitching front things are looking up. I have completed the X stitch panels for a Christmas bauble for my new arrival. And I haven’t even took the 10 hours to do it from start to finish.

Ok so they are mostly back stitch verse which whizzes up, but I am very pleased none the less and really feel like I’ve got my stitchy vibes back. I initially was going to just do one of the verse but after looking it was only half the line in the first round so I decided to go with the full quote over the 2 sides. The night before Christmas has to be one of my favourites I love to read it every year and even more so to read it to my son this Christmas gone.

I love the candle stick as well I think it fits with the verse very nicely. I just need to make the bauble up and stitch baby’s name and 2012 onto the fourth circle but I’m not going to do that until a bit closer to Christmas to get myself in the Christmas spirit, and means I can just hang it straight up!! I can’t wait to see the 2 baubles together. The other thing is that I am in the zone with making x’s so I don’t want to break that by getting on with different crafting.
I have already made a little start on the next project in rotation so I’m hoping that this continues and I can get a bit more back on track.
Such a happy bunny to feel like I’m making progress on stuff, even if it wasn’t to tick anything off my Crazy January list that is still haunting me lol.
Having said that I have just had a tot up and I have 5 completed and 3 are moved into current rotation so maybe not as bad as I think? What do you all think? I’m pretty sure I’ll not be doing similar this January though no no no lesson learnt ha ha.

Keep stitching....

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Ribbit - of the good variety!

Stitching wise since my last post things have been flying along and the Margaret Sherry frog is finished YAY!!!!!!

I can't tell you how happy I am to have got this finished its taken a little over the 10 hours but seen as I was so close it was a shame to put it away rather than finish.

Here's the blanket so far:
Still a way to go but its a start - going to look great when it's complete!

After my calamity of a week last week I said I had the wardrobes for my boys room coming one for my son and one for the new baby. Well that turned out to be a right carry on. Waited in for them only to get a knock on the door and told the boxes were a little water damaged with all the rain. Hubby went to investigate and a little was an understatement and the driver told him that the vans leak in!! So with all the wet weather we've been having these boxes were soaked and busted open. Safe to say these got sent back to Argos and when we rang about them there was no rush what so ever to redeliver the items for us or compensate us for the inconvenience. The worst thing was we had demolished the old furniture and nigh on cleared the room out. But we got new ones delivered today so can start putting the house back together.

Anyway I'll be starting the next thing on my rotation list so I'm excited for that and I've only got a week left of work!!!

Keep stitching...

Friday, 6 July 2012

More stitching time please!!!

Well I've had a right week of it hence the tardy update.
To sum it up,
  • I've had a bad cold,
  • Problems with noisy neighbours,
  • A burst heating pipe - which resulted in a day of men lifting floorboards and messing up my house to find where the leak was, which was made all the more stressful by a toddler who wanted to get in the thick of it and had missed his nap due to everything going on, thank god in laws were free to take him out for a bit 
  • OFSTED inspection at work,
  • My son falling and bashing his face/ eye on a wooden toy resulting in trip to A&E to get checked (he's fine just bruised a bit) 
  • Feeling a bit sidelined at work - but guess that's due to me not going to be there soon.
  • Starting to feel my size - and all this muggy heat is not kind to me and my fat belly lol
  • My son fussing due to teething but we still have no new teeth to show for it - he's 16 months and still only has 4 teeth. I think they must be growing from his toes lol
  • Getting side tracked with some reading
Most of which all adding up to make me feel rather miserable and not much stitching time which is probably adding to the melancholy.
I have since my last update managed a measly 7 hours and have made this progress on the baby afghan blanket.
Its the Margaret Sherry Frog from a cross stitcher magazine. The colours are substituted to fit with the DMC colours I had in but its coming along ok. I'm happy with the progress for the time, just not that its took nearly 2 weeks to get the time normally I manage 10 hours in one week.
I'm hopeing to find some more time and put the week behind me and I'll update you when I get the rest of this rotation done. Having said that I've got the new furniture for the boys room coming tomorrow which means a big shuffle round but means I'll be able to get organised for baby number 2 which is super exciting.
At least I've only got 2 more weeks of work then its the summer holidays so that's one less thing to have to deal with and then I'll be on maternity leave. Can't believe how fast this is come around!!!
Anyway hope everyone else is well I've been catching up on blogs as well.